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Efficient ratchet strap winding in farming. Every tractor owner needs one.

Efficient ratchet strap winding will add to competitiveness for farmers. DrumRoll will also add safety to farming. Every tractor owner should have one.

Ratchet straps in farming.

Cargo control efficiency.

Efficiency is important in every industry, not only in farming, but comments on our DrumRoll Facebook page has shocked me. People getting paid by the hour is not always thinking of their customers or employers. When faced with this tool for quick tie down strap winding, some people suggest to drag the job out to make it last longer.

When I was 13 years old I got my first paid job. I was feeding, nurturing and looking after pigs. I know the life on a farm is not about working 8 hours. It is about doing what is needed, properly, and then the working day is done. In that light, a simple tool that can roll up ratchet straps quickly, is very valuable.

Other benefits than saving time.

The DrumRoll does not only that. It also adds to safety by always rolling up the strap with the hook on the outside. This way it is safe and easy to throw the strap over the load. Clean hands and vehicle, less frustration and tidier surroundings are other benefits. 

I would argue that all tractor owners need cargo securing equipment like tie downs. On a farm there is a lot of heavy loading, and cargo control is therefore important for safety. By using a strap winder, like the DrumRoll, farming gets a little bit more efficient, meaning more time with family and hobbies.