The story behind DrumRoll

The story behind DrumRoll.

I am Loyd Nornes, the inventor of DrumRoll. I was working as a product development engineer, and had just bought my first private 3D printer. As I was thinking of something to print, I looked at the pile of 25mm ratchet straps laying in a box. This annoyed me, as I like tidy surroundings.

I had never seen a tool that could help me roll up my straps in seconds, so I decided to design one. The result was a product that worked great. I decided to sell a few of these to pay for filament for my printer. I advertised it and a couple of days later I got an email form a woman. She was a truck driver and rolled up hundreds of straps each week. Her hands got sore, wet and dirty, and it was very time consuming. She asked me if I could make a similar product for 50mm straps.

I redesigned it. The print took 40 ours. Selling these was not an option, but as there seemed to be a market for them, I showed it to a distributor of related items. They liked it so much, they bought 10 000 pcs to get the distribution right to the Scandinavian market. I signed the deal, sent a patent application and found a manufacturer.

It wasn’t before the 2 semi-trailers with the 56, 2 meter high, pallets arrived, I understood that this was actually happening. As an inventor, it is extremely satisfying to make a difference by making a product that can help people save valuable time, improve health and work safer.

By the way, I sent the first samples I got to the woman that made me look at this as a product, instead of just an idea. She was very happy to get them.